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NW Junior Time Trial  - Sunday 5th March 2023

One of the main functions of the region is to set out the selection policy for  Junior Inter Regional team for the Regatta which takes place every year at the end of April (Sat 22nd April in 2023), racing as part of Team Orange.

Selection for this event is typically via a time trial held each year within the region.
The date for the 2023 time trial is  Sunday 5th March and will be run at Northwich on the River Weaver. 

The details below will be updated for 2023 competition.

Documents ref  NW Junior Time Trial on Sun 6th March 2022:

JIRR Regatta Sat 23rd April 2022: (link)

Past Results:

  • NWJTT Results (2022) >  selected NW Team Orange 2022   > overall 3rd place (Boys 2nd and Girls 4th)

  • -- no race 2021--

  • NWJTT Results (2020)

  •  > 2019 JIRR Cancelled due to weather

  •   > 2018 JIRR overall 4th (Boys 3rd and Girls 5th)

  •   > 2017 JIRR overall 3rd (Boys 2nd and Girls 3rd)

  •   > 2016 JIRR overall 3rd (Boys 3rd and Girls 3rd)

  •   > 2015 JIRR overall 4th (Boys 4th and Girls 3rd)

  •   > 2014 JIRR overall 4th (Boys 4th and Girls 2nd)

  •   > 2013 JIRR overall 2nd place

  •   > 2012 JIRR overall 2nd place  

  •   > 2011 JIRR overall 2nd place 

  •   > 2010 JIRR overall1st place 

  •   > 2009 JIRR overall1st place 

  •   > please let me know if you have data on previous years results :)

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