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Umpiring in the region is coordinated by the regional umpires committee. We recruit and train individuals to become qualified umpires and manage their progression and ongoing development. 

If you are interested in becoming an umpire, we have an ongoing training programme. Contact us  or ask at a local rowing club and we'll put you in touch with the regional umpire committee chair

NW Regional Umpiring Committee (NW RUC):

Chair          Mark Briegal  

                  ML umpire sits on National Umpire Committee (NUC) and reports to region on national developments,

                  organises training and examination of umpires, organises annual seminar

Secretary    Bob Lewinski    
                  communicates on behalf of the committee with clubs or BR, maintains minutes and agenda of meetings

RUC members:

                  Heidi Hackett   FISA umpire        prepares candidates for exam

                  Briony Rimmer                          prepares candidates for exam

                  Jo Rafferty                                hosts and conducts exam, usually with Chair and other members of committee

                  Anthony Taylor

                  Matthew Holmes



The role of the Regional Umpiring Committee is to oversee umpiring and thus racing in the region. Members are allocated to all events in the region to write a short report on the event taking everything from facilities and safety to the conclusions of incidents into account. This is then shared with the Chair of the Race Committee and any useful hints tips or measures to improve things are discussed. The events in the NW are well run in the main with some support needed at times mainly for clubs who do not have an umpire in their ranks!

Members of the committee also run events at their own clubs and are thus very aware of the time it takes and the issues that arise.


There is an annual seminar run by the committee to share changes in the rules, issues that have become a focus nationally, but also to revisit common themes such as radio protocol, starting races and the ever popular throwline practice.


We hold a dinner in January, which is primarily a social occasion, but also an opportunity to award newly qualified umpires their certificates and also to thank any that hare retiring. There is also a much coveted award of the Ian Fisher hip-flask for the umpire who has done the most events in the region that year.

Ian Fisher hip-flask winners

2022 - Judith Murray

2019 - Wendy Moran

2018 - Anthony Taylor

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