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ABOUT NW Rowing Council

The role of the North West Rowing Council (NWRC) is defined in the Articles of Association of British Rowing as a body created and established by the [BR] Council to represent all Affiliated Members within a Region and to carry out such functions as the Council may from time to time delegate to it.


The objects (purpose) of the NW Rowing Council is to:

  • To promote the sport of rowing in the Region at all levels.

  • To represent the interests of the Region within British Rowing and to represent the interests of British Rowing within the Region.

  • To support all Clubs and Events in the achievement of their objectives and in the conduct of their activities within the sport.

  • To support the development of resources within the region so that they are utilised to the full.

  • To support the individuals of the Region so that their talents are developed to the full. 

  • To ensure that no one receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, disability, marital status, creed, social class, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation or is disadvantaged by the conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be relevant to performance.

The NW Rowing Council constitution can be found here. 
(supporting notes to help understand it and it's evolution are here)

Note. The link to BR Regional Directory of all regions is here.

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